My cousin is both beautiful and slutty

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Sneaky robber Scott Nails thought everyone at Lacey Bender's house was at work and broke in. He doesn't know that Lacey is sick so she can have some special time alone, masturbating with a dildo in her bedroom. Scott hears Lacey moaning and goes upstairs to take a peek, but his pants get caught, and in a desperate escape attempt to get her attention, he leaves them hanging and hide. Lacey investigates and when she finds a pair of pants hanging on the railing, she looks further and spots a rooster hiding behind the curtain! Of course, she was stunned when she realized it wasn't her husband who came home early to have sex, but luckily for Scott she was also excited to find a big stranger in her house, worshiping cock of him with a throat flick before she got the thief's cock in her pussy!

My cousin is both beautiful and slutty

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