GRMR-002 Desire arises when being with a beautiful girl

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Takeshi's sex drive is so high, he often uses up two rolls of tissue a day just to masturbate. Takeshi's mother was very worried about his future but didn't know what to do. Sitting and confiding with her best friend Saya Minami, Saya Minami gave her a solution... let Takeshi fuck her to his heart's content. Just calm down your desire, then perhaps Takeshi will become back to normal. Because Saya Minami used to be a "queen of lust", her sexual ability was also very high, Takeshi's mother immediately agreed with her best friend's solution. The two quickly carried out their plan, but they did not expect Takeshi's desire to be so high. He fucked her and ejaculated inside her countless times, in the end Saya Minami had to surrender. . The first time she was defeated by a man, Saya Minami did not give up and determined to conquer this sexual monster. And then, she used all her years of fighting experience to fight Takeshi. And the final result, the winner is Saya Minami.

GRMR-002 Desire arises when being with a beautiful girl

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