JUL-660 Let his wife work as a secretary for the boss and that's the end

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This is a psychological drama with no dialogue. The story is conveyed through facial expressions, context and text messages. Ayaka and her husband Tetsuo have been married for ten years. The two have always lived happily together, but as their tenth wedding anniversary approaches, Tetsuo no longer seems to care about her. He no longer wanted to have sex with her, always went out in the middle of the night and didn't let her touch his phone. These things made Ayaka suspect that her husband was having an affair. Recognizing Ayaka's nervousness through her expression at work, director Oki approached her, helped her at work, and took her over! Because she suspected her husband was having an affair, Ayaka also let herself go, agreed to be Oki's lover, and even lied to her husband to have sex with her boss in a hotel on the day they both celebrated their tenth anniversary of marriage. When she received Tetsuo's text message, she learned that all of Tetsuo's strange actions were because he was carrying a cat! Because Ayaka is allergic to cats, he wanted to hide this from her. Knowing the truth, Ayaka loves Tetsuo even more and promises herself to always trust and stay by his side no matter what happens...

JUL-660 Let his wife work as a secretary for the boss and that's the end

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