MIDE-742 The neighbor's sister is addicted to sucking cock

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Shoko Takahashi and her husband just moved to this area. She has rosy skin, plump breasts and looks very innocent. From the first time we met by chance while working When I went to take out the trash, I couldn't control myself when I saw her dressed so sexy that her nipples were slightly exposed, looking extremely arousing. I immediately hugged her body. then did seemingly perverted actions to satisfy her cravings without paying any attention to her feelings because she was afraid everyone would see it, so it didn't happen for long before the two quickly broke up. go home. Shoko Takahashi is haunted by the recent incident, but she also seems quite excited as she hasn't experienced this feeling in a long time because her husband has been on a business trip for more than a year. Haven't come home in a month. She immediately imagined the scene just now and masturbated continuously with her hand afterward. That didn't stop until I knocked on the door outside. I entered the house and helped Tachibana relieve the lust that was burning in her body.

MIDE-742 The neighbor's sister is addicted to sucking cock

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